Your colours will be different but the technique is the same.

  1. Take your 2 ½” binding fabric and fold in half, place the raw edges to the raw edges of the bottom of your hanging/quilt, on the right side of the work, and stitch in place using ¼” seam, cutting off at the start and finish level with the edges.
  2. Fold the edge of the binding to the back of the quilt and hand stitch in place.                                                      
  3. Add the top binding in the same way.

  4. Next do the sides, line up the raw edges as before but this time leave about 1 ½” of binding at the start and end of the quilt, you then fold over this excess to the back of the quilt as you sew the binding in place, making the edge neat.                                                                     

  5.  Turn over as before and hand stitch down, repeat with the other side.