🌟 NEW "Round about 40" Digital Pattern Subscription🌟
🌟 NEW "Round about 40" Digital Pattern Subscription🌟

🌟 NEW "Round about 40" Digital Pattern Subscription🌟

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🌟 NEW "Round about 40" Digital Pattern Subscription🌟

This is perfect for those of you who would like to use up some of your own fabrics, or buy and cut your own.

Those of you that have supported us for a long time will know that we absolutely love to be teaching you something different. A lot of thought goes into considering what to teach you next and this BRAND NEW subscription is no exception.

This subscription is for everyone who wants to make assorted quilts but in a smaller size, so you can learn more without the commitment and cost of a large quilt.

             Hence the name of the subscription “Round About 40!”

There will be 6 quilt patterns over 12 months:

  1. Overall Design - Your first quilt, shown in the picture
  2. Repeated Block
  3. Row by Row
  4. Round Robin
  5. Log Cabin
  6. Two Colour Quilt

Join Here
✨This is a bi-monthly subscription, so you pay every other month, for 12 months.

✨ Cost includes, full illustrated pattern either digital or paper depending on which subscription you join.
✨A fantastic opportunity to learn some new techniques
✨ If you like the sound of it you can either join online via paypal or give us a call on 01746 862289 with your card details and we'll add you to our list.

By completing the PayPal subscriptions application, you are committing to the full term of 6 payments, and if for any reason you wish to stop the subscription, then the remaining months balance will be due in one lump sum.