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As you can see from the pictures above, there are endless possibilities with Hexagons, you could make coasters and cushion, or even a quilt.

They are a great place to start for beginners too, simple, can be picked up and put down anytime, and are really effective as you can see.
We will also be adding different shapes to this page too.
"English Paper Piecing is a technique used to increase accuracy when you piece complex angles together."

To do this, you cut a paper shape with the exact dimensions of the piece you want to create.
Then cut a piece of fabric larger than the shape to allow for folding over. Baste the fabric  to the paper shape.

Then two shapes are placed right sides together and the seam is whip stitched together. When all the desired shapes are joined, the basting thread and paper is removed, leaving the fabric shapes, all complete .
Pack of 100 1 1/4 inch Paper Hexagons

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Pack of 100 1 1/2 inch Paper Hexagons
Pack of 100 1 3/4 inch Paper Hexagons
Pack of 100 2 inch Paper Hexagons
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